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Please give us a call or email us to set up an appointment for a free estimate at (305) 946-1816.

We offer different programs interior and exterior, both for commercial and residential properties and provide a wide range of interior and exterior services. 

Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Silverfish & Scorpions
We will evaluate your problem and set up a program in controlling these pests. We have programs for fleas, ticks, silverfish, ants,  including white footed black ants, carpenter ants, black pavement ants, fire ants, ghost ants, and big-headed ants.

Millipedes, Cockroaches, Mice & Rodents

We recommend approaching these problems with an interior or an exterior or a combined treatment. Then our customers are put on a particular service program of 6 times a year or 12 times a year. Our technicians see what is needed to be treated and are constantly inspecting our client’s needs in controlling pests on their properties. We take pride in seeing our customer’s needs are met. We provide different treatments for German roaches and Palmetto bugs.

Pest  Control  Services

pest control services