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We offer organic insect control spray programs and organic deep root feeding programs for trees and palms. It  includes the introduction of beneficial bacteria and beneficial microbes into the soil around the root system. This helps to prevent unfavorable disease developments that can be present from over watering situations, either from excessive irrigation or excessive amounts of rain fall that we receive from our sub-tropic environment.

fertilization organic services

natural mosquito


Eastern Exterminating is offering all natural programs

using PLP Natural Products. It is a spray alternative

using 100% natural food grade essential oils. A deet and

permethrin free product that is non-toxic and harmless to people, animals

and this planet!

It can be applied to lawns, open fields, barns, around the house, ponds, patio and in misting systems.

This powerful botanical formula repelling most flying and crawling insects such as whitefly, ticks, fleas mosquitoes, flies, thrips, aphids, millipedes, noseeums, sod webworms, spidermites,  chinch bugs, armyworms, cutworms, billbugs, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and also lizards,  rats, mice, deer, and more.

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